Liverpool kicks Manchester’s A** every time and here’s why…..

The Liverpool v Manchester rivalry is one of the most notorious in Britain, and most assume its source originates from football, but this isn’t the case….

In fact, during the early 19th century the two cities actually collaborated harmoniously when constructing the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1830, in fact it was the first inner-city railway in the world!

However, this relationship was to take a sudden nosedive. The Mancunians claimed the dues they were paying to import and export goods to and from Manchester were unfairly high, so they decided to build a ship canal in order to bypass Liverpool. In turn this became the largest ship canal in the world upon its opening in 1894.

From that point the relationship has remained somewhat bitter, and with both Manchester and Liverpool football clubs being founded during the same century, the football matches between both cities quickly escalated into fierce local derby’s, with many seeing them as the perfect arena to settle scores (pun intended) and claim bragging rights.

Needless to say, the rivalry between the two cities from a footballing perspective hasn’t changed whatsoever! Football aside though, which is best from an overall perspective?


Ok it’s not the first thing on the list when deciding which city to live in, but lets not forget how this rivalry started. Liverpool was once seen as the gateway into Britain, and at one point 40% of the worlds trade is said to have passed through Liverpool. Testimony to this is the famous 3 graces that sit parallel to the River Mersey. It doesn’t end there either, the iconic Albert Dock sits literally meters way from the 3 graces and draws over 4 million visitors a year, making it the UK’s most popular multi-use attraction outside of London.

Manchester’s answer to Liverpool’s Albert Dock is Salford Quays. This doesn’t get close to the Albert Dock as a tourism and leisure venue, although it has made a bit of a name for itself recently as a media centre, particularly since the BBC moved some of its operations there. Having said that, what’s a few media companies compared to the stunning architecture found in abundance across the entirety of Liverpool’s waterfront?

Economy and Employment

ONS figures published in December 2016 found that the Merseyside region had an economic growth rate of 3.1% in 2016, making it the fastest-growing city region in the UK for the year!

 Despite Manchester’s claim of being the thriving capital of the North, the unemployment rate in Greater Manchester is 6%, whereas in Liverpool it’s just 5.1%. Both of the above really demonstrate Liverpool’s resurgence.


Mancunians will often mock Liverpool for its high crime rate, BUT we have some news for you…

Manchester manages 8.25 crimes per 100 residents while Liverpool can only manage 7.38. Manchester has twice as many robberies and 50% more vehicle crimes than Liverpool.

So…. you’re safer in Liverpool than you are in Manchester and that’s a FACT!


Ok, as it stands both the red and blue side of Manchester are doing better than the same colours in Liverpool. However, Manchester City rarely fills their stadium, even when hosting footballing royalty like Barcelona or Bayern Munich, earning its stadium the nickname of ‘The Emptyhad!’ On the other hand, Everton is strongly considering the introduction of a season ticket cap due to the sheer demand from its loyal fans, a true testimony to the footballing community of the city.

Recently Manchester United have overtaken Liverpool as England’s most successful club, something you cant deny, but another thing you cant deny is the sheer atmosphere Liverpool supporters generate everywhere they go. Anfield was reported to be the most atmospheric stadium in world football, with Manchester United only finishing 5th, despite having a much larger capacity. Another impressive accolade the Kopites behold is the loudest atmosphere ever at a football game against Chelsea during the UCL semis in 2005, which measured an ear-popping 130 decibels.

So both Manchester clubs are currently doing better than the Merseyside outfits, but they’re still in the same league aren’t they? Plus, when you go to a football match wouldn’t you rather feel energised by an electric atmosphere instead of run the risk of falling asleep?


This point may sound subjective to some but The Guardian recently ranked Liverpool as the second happiest city in the UK to work. It stated that Liverpool is one of the happiest places to work because of what the city and its people are like” friendly, collaborative and supportive.  Meanwhile, the neighbours only managed to finish 8th despite claiming to be the ‘Capital of the north.’

Scousers are well known for their hospitality and there isn’t a better testimony to this than Liverpool being awarded the Capital of Culture in 2008, which has without question accelerated the cities profile to a completely new level. Not only has Manchester never received this accolade, but they’ve never even applied for it! Clearly they don’t have as much faith in their city as we do!

Start Up Businesses

Just last year, Liverpool was named the UK’s most entrepreneurial city by Instant Offices and to me, that is no surprise. The people of Liverpool are resilient, creative and extremely hardworking, in the data supplied by Companies House, it highlighted that for a city with a population of 440,000 there were 57,232 new companies within a two-year period. This ensured that the entrepreneurial average for Liverpool was 16%, significantly higher than London and above the average for Manchester. So there’s no better place to start a business than Liverpool.

Cost of Living

In the 2017 Cost of Living Index by Numbeo, Manchester was ranked number 191 in the most expensive cities in the world, whereas Liverpool came in at 271. Importantly, this thorough survey took into account the average prices of rent, groceries and even restaurant pricing.

This year’s statistics have also shown that the average house price in Manchester is £151,800 and £115,600 in Liverpool, which is over £35,000 cheaper, think what you can spend that extra £35,000 on!

Overall then…

After covering the basics on both cities its clear to us that Liverpool is cheaper to live in, you’re more likely to be employed, you’ll be safer, save money and enjoy a better atmosphere at a football match. Importantly though, you’ll be happier.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that Liverpool kicks Manchester’s A**!

Liverpool vs Manchester

The Liverpool v Manchester rivalry is one of the most notorious in Britain, and most assume its source originates from football, but this isn’t the case….

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