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Stuart Howard – Director and Partner at Ascot Property Investments. 

Trailblazers are notoriously busy people, and quite often the usual working week really doesn’t apply. Whilst some of these brilliant individuals naturally attract the limelight, some shy away from it. 

You won’t necessarily see some trailblazers in the media because they’re just busy getting on with what they do. 

Stuart Howard, Director and Partner at Ascot Property Investments, is one such person but we persuaded him to take time out of his busy schedule for a quick coffee with us… 

Tell us a bit about what you do?

I’m a Director and Partner at Ascot Property Investments. 

We launched in 2014 and have quickly established ourselves as one the UK’s most prominent property investment companies. 

We work globally to bring international investment into Britain’s buy-to- let property investments market. Ascot has acted as agents for some of Britain’s biggest developers and have certainly delivered major investment in the  Liverpool City Region with sold schemes totalling over £100million in 2017 alone. 

Whats the latest thing you’re working on?

We set an ambitious target at the beginning of the year to bring in an extra £500 million of international investment into Liverpool’s booming property development market over the next twelve months so you could say we’re busy working on that! 

Liverpool is such a fantastic destination for global investors and when we’re in the Middle East and Far East, people really do want to buy into it. 

It is pleasing to see how Ascot investments are making a difference too – schemes such as Reliance House on Water Street, which we worked on with our development partner Legacie Developments, and other residential schemes  such as Colonial Chambers, North House on North John Street or Ropemaker Place on Renshaw Street are thriving because of finance we delivered. 

Whats the biggest lesson you’ve learnt?

Hard works pays off. If you put in the hours and the hard graft then you can achieve anything you want in business or otherwise.  

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope we have established Ascot Property Investments as the UK’s leading and most respected investment agent. 

I think we can achieve it because of the global networks we’re building and the respect we’re getting in the industry for our track record of delivery and through helping high profile development projects become a reality. 

Why is Liverpool the best city? 

Liverpool is a dynamic, thriving, can-do city with a global reputation. 

We’ve had our tough times but just look around at the building projects and the incoming investment and you’ll see a city that is booming. 

Hosting the forthcoming International Business Festival is evidence that we’re now an attractive destination for global business leaders and major events. 

It is important that we keep this momentum and that all people in the region benefit  from the new opportunities the investment is bringing. 

How do you switch off? 

I find it difficult to completely switch off. Property is part of my life and I’m always thinking about it but enjoy it. However, there are so many great places to eat and drink in Liverpool so switching off usually involves a nice dinner and drinks somewhere with the Mrs (who is also in the property industry as a plot sales solicitor) so the conversation will always drift on to work. There are some great places around Castle Street right now to eat and drink, its thriving with a great atmosphere.

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