Suits – bespoke or off the peg?



What’s the difference?

You have a big occasion on the horizon, which you really need a good suit for, you want it to fit perfectly and be a statement piece but where do you start?  Do you buy an off the peg (ready to wear) suit which will be the cheaper option and fit okay, or do I splash out on a bespoke suit which will fit me perfectly to really impress?

Defining the difference between the 2 is simple but this is something that every style conscious man should understand, and here’s why…

The ready to wear suit is a factory-made garment and is usually produced to standard sizes.  There will be a wide range in quality dependent on the brand, and the production of the suit will have already been completed so there will be no input into the creation of it.

In relation to tailoring the garment to your profile, that is possible but only to a certain extent, these changes usually consist of some tweaks to the trouser and possibly the jacket.  The ready to wear option is designed for someone who fits into the standard sizing brackets and working to a much tighter budget.

We now move on to the next topic which is Bespoke, this is a term that has been exhausted in the industry and loses its meaning every time a made-to-measure company uses it.  A Bespoke suit usually takes 10-12 weeks to create as they are handmade and hand stitched, which will not only give greater longevity on the product but also make it look more impressive than if it was a machine-stitched garment.

Primary differences between a ready to wear and bespoke suit are that it is handmade from start to finish, you will receive a much more personalised service as you may require at least 4 fittings and more importantly, every garment is made specifically for the individual.

When choosing a bespoke suit, you pay for the craftsmanship of the garment as well as the cloth.  For example, the tailor will have gone through years of intense training in order to master the perfect cut for their client. A bespoke suit is therefore one incredible investment.

Liverpool is fortunate enough to behold one of the UK’s leading tailors, Signature Bespoke. Mo and his team are well known in the city and have an amazing reputation with clients such as Tony Bellew, Paddy McGuinness and Ross Worswick.

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