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A Coffee With Sid Madge – founder of Meee In A Minute self-help book and the Meee Programme. Trailblazer meets Sid Madge, the author changing lives through his new book and motivational methods.

– Tell us a bit about what you do.

We help people of all ages believe in who they are and what they can achieve. We run workshops, events and have recently written a book called ‘Meee in a Minute’, that captures the essence of what we do. It’s made up of 60 different ways to transform your mindset in just 60 seconds!

– What’s the latest thing you’re working on?

We’ve just finished running a workshop for young people who have been excluded from school. Hugely challenging but very inspiring and fun. It’s highlighted the fact that everyone deserves a chance no matter who they are and where they have come from. We’ve recently launched our new book – Meee In A Minute and we’re rolling out the Meee Programme working with prisoners, those suffering from mental health and students and teachers too.

– What’s the biggest lesson you’ve leant?

That we are all so wonderfully different and to embrace that.

– Where do you see yourself in five years?

Being a good Dad and partner, and delivering the Meee Programme and helping as many people as possible. And to see the Meee In A Minute book helping people who might need help with changing their mindset.

– How do you switch off ?

With my children, wild swimming in the rivers, lakes and sea in north Wales, cycling, playing tennis and with my wonderful dog Bilbo.

Sid Madge
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