Steve Rotheram

Steve Rotheram Man of the People

I was born in 1961 to a loving stay-at-home Mum and forklift truck driver Dad. Our family moved from Liverpool during the slum clearance programme of the 1960s to the promise of a new utopia in Kirkby.

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Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle!

Lions, tigers, rattlesnakes and spiders – these are just some fo the grizzly creatures that you
may expect to wake up to in the wild, but certainly not in a hotel.

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Liverpool's Docklands

Liverpool’s Docklands

Liverpool, not London that produced the world’s first ‘wet dock’, a technological wonder of the industrial age. Covering 3 1⁄2 acres, the Old Dock was the first of an interlocking network that would eventually span 7 1⁄2 miles of the River Mersey.

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Madrid: An Unforeseen Marvel

As the capital of Spain, expectations are inevitably high for a city break in Madrid, so what’s the reality for the highest capital city in Europe?

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Down to Business

Down to Business

Liverpool law firm MSB is leading the way in supporting people in the workplace facing challenges with mental wellbeing, and unlocking their full potential.

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Mo Adousa

In a nut shell, we make luxurious bespoke suits for the modern-day gentleman. I make suits that are truly personalised.

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The Mole of Edge Hill

A somewhat taciturn character in life, further obscured by the passage of time, Joseph Williamson is the architect of the infamous and much speculated about Williamson Tunnels.

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Mighty Mayor

Since becoming Liverpool’s first directly-elected Mayor in 2012, Joe Anderson has steered the city through some of the most turbulent times in its history.

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Social Media – a Filtered Façade

We know Social Media is selling us a filtered lie, yet we still buy it! We scroll through Facebook and Instagram feeds, and the posts would have us believe all our peers are living a life untrammelled.

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