Amsterdam - Hidden In Plain Sight


Even though we all know deep down that Amsterdam is a place of immense culture, its reputation has only just began to grow here in the UK. The perception a lot of people have from the red light district, the beer and the drugs is that it’s a place reserved for miscreants and overzealous stag dos. That’s simply not the case though. Yes these things exist, but they exist in other places too you know. The only difference is, Amsterdam isn’t afraid to show it off – along with everything else their wonderful city has to offer.

 Here are some unique places to try when you visit the Dutch capital…

 Amsterdam North

This is somewhere that a lot of people either ignore or simply don’t know about. We were firmly in the latter until recently. If you take the free ferry over to Amsterdam North, you will be greeted by a sprawling food and drink scene and often, even festivals. If you’re looking for a good time that’s got an edge to it, this is the place to be.

The Museumplein

This is where you want to head if you’re a culture vulture. The Museumplein is where you’ll find some of the best museums in the world - The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. Whilst you may have to pay to get in, you won’t be disappointed. The Rijksmuseum especially will blow the socks off just about anyone.

Tour boat

And where would an Amsterdam guide be without the obligatory tour mention? The best way to see this fantastic city is via boat. Get the hop-on hop-off one and you can get off whenever you want to go and explore your favourite places. You can even buy a 48 hour pass so if you’re only there for the weekend, there’s your travel sorted…

Things to avoid


We’ve only listed two things here and this is probably going to be the most polarising one. Most guides swear by the bikes and we won’t hold it against you but we just don’t think they offer a great deal. For a deposit of €50, then the actual fee on top of that, you get to ride with thousands of death defying Dutch daredevils who aren’t afraid of death. If you, like us, do fear death by bicycle somewhat - steer clear and stick to walking.

Overpriced tourist food

This could be said for anywhere but the tourist food in Amsterdam isn’t up to much. The best of the tourist bunch is the dessert-based stuff but if that’s not your thing, opt for places further out of the centre. Amsterdam North would probably be your best bet if you’re over that way.

Overall Amsterdam is definitely worth a visit as it really does offer a lot of bang for you buck… no pun intended there of course! Enjoy!

Words by Connor Maxwell

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