Dr. Robbie Hughes - The Footballer's Dentist


Have you ever wondered where celebrities and famous footballers go to get their sparkling, Beverley Hills style smiles? 


Where Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp, midfield star Sadio Mane and super striker Roberto Firmino had their pearly whites perfected?


Well, you might be surprised to know it isn't a Harley Street clinic or a posh practice in LA - the answer to the perfect smile lies here in the Liverpool City Region. 


Dr Robbie Hughes has established an international reputation as a pioneer in the art of dentistry. His trailblazing techniques have seen the expert cosmetic dentist rise through the ranks to become a European leader in the industry. 

Dr Hughes, 33, a former world-champion kick boxer, is the owner of Dental Excellence UK. This year, the young innovator has big plans to revolutionise dentistry in the UK and big ambition to have his brand recognised as a global name. 

Trailblazer caught up with the entrepreneurial dentist to find out about his career and his exciting plans for the year ahead including his forthcoming move to his luxury clinic at the Matchwork’s in south Liverpool.


Tell us a bit about what you do?

I am the owner of Dental Excellence, smile makeover centre. 

Our clinic is focused on delivering excellence in comprehensive dental care driven by cosmetics and the latest innovative technologies. We create bespoke smile makeover projects what generate confident smiles. 

Smile makeovers impact on peoples lives in an unbelievable way.

What motivates you to keep going as a Trailblazer?

I passionately believe in what I do. 

My vision of how dentistry should be perceived and experienced is ready to revolutionise what people consider to be modern day dentistry but what I am about to do next should redefine private dentistry in the UK for good. Our brand new clinic, complete with the very latest technology, is bringing something totally unique. 

Dentistry should never be considered as boring, ancient, scary or any other of those words I hear based on what a visit to the dentist once was, nor should the environment and patient experience represent any of those descriptions. 

Like most things in the world today, the speed of new innovation and advancement is happening at an astonishing rate including dentistry. There are young innovative dentists who are redefining the art internationally. I’m pleased to be part of this. 

A lot of this is due to fantastic improvements in digital dentistry and CAD/CAM, I am one of those dentists - a modern day dentist as I like to call it! 

 The opportunity to bring a better experience and superior quality of treatments to the general public is what motivates me.

Worst day in business?

I am a really optimistic person.  We all have bad days in business -  that is part of what makes an entrepreneur. For every bad day, there is a good lesson to be learnt. 

Best day in business?

Everyday because I love what I do and I am very grateful for that.

Biggest regret?

If there are lessons to be learnt then there are no regrets.

Who is the person you admire most in business?

It has to be Elon Musk, the South African-American entrepreneur. His vision, belief in that vision and ability to execute an idea in unbelievable. I was in ore of the recent space rocket launch - I think most people where. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Continuing to help pioneer new concepts throughout dentistry and being the face of a very reputable brand in dentistry that is known worldwide as a clinic or chain of clinics that set the bar for a new breed of dentists and dental facilities. 

Best piece of advice for future Trailblazers?

Push yourself, because nobody else is going to do it for you.

What do you do to unwind?

Spend time with my beautiful family and travel the world.

More information about Dr Robbie Hughes and Dental Excellence UK is available at www.dentalexcellenceuk.co.uk 

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