From Lebanon to Liverpool - Signature Bespoke

Mo Adousa - Signature Bespoke

Mo Adousa - Signature Bespoke

Trailblazer recently caught up with Signature Bespoke’s founder Mo Adousa about his untold journey from Lebanon to Liverpool. Mo was born in Lebanon where he became acquainted with the finest materials money can buy, from there he moved to Dubai in 2004 to pursue his dream of becoming a master tailor which is no mean feat. It was in Dubai where he met his wife, soon after they married in 2005 and they lived together in Dubai until 2010 when they decided to move to Liverpool, where his wife is from.

Upon moving to Liverpool Mo put his skills into action by working for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford and Armani to name just a few. Naturally this meant he was down in London frequently, away from the family him and his wife were starting to build. Mo made the selfless decision to take a job closer to home as a tailor for Flannels, here is where he saw the opportunity! Mo had created a solid reputation amongst his clients, who trusted him to make sure they not only looked great, but also felt comfortable. With Mo’s loyal clientele, vast experience and passion he made the leap….

Mo said ‘I believed in myself and knew what I had to offer was only the best. I created Signature Bespoke in 2014 and it was the best decision I’ve ever made, apart from asking my wife to marry me!’ At the start Mo worked from home but his established reputation soon gave him the traction he needed. Given his vast experience, he simply took the best aspects from the best suits and created Signature Bespoke. As the name suggests, his high quality suits are tailor made and you wont be able to get that famous design anywhere else in the world apart from Signature Bespoke. When we had a chat to Mo it’s easy to see why he attracts such high profile people, his mix of passion and confidence reflects perfectly in what he produces. 

On the back of the continued success of Signature Bespoke he is about to launch another line to the brand, named Threads by Signature Bespoke. We asked him where he came up with the concept and name, he chuckled ‘ I was out with my eldest son in the park and he said ‘Dad why don’t you make some more casual clothes so I can wear it.’ I thought that’s a pretty good idea so I asked him to think of a name, he came up with Threads, so simple yet so brilliant!’

Mo now has 18 local people working for him and has recently taken on the unit next door to Signature Bespoke on Water Street to showcase Threads, which is opening soon. Mo is a true Trailblazer because he appreciates the importance of consistent quality and innovation.


Signature Bespoke

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