Jodie Comer - Killing It

Last year Killing Eve burst onto the scene courtesy of the BBC, and gave us Villanelle, who rightly or wrongly captured the nations hearts. Villanelle is played by Jodie Comer, born and raised in Liverpool. We asked local Trailblazer Jodie a few questions …


What was your first-ever job? And what was the job that changed the tide for you?


My first TV job was an episode of hospital drama The Royal Todaywhen I was 14. But I think Killing Eve is definitely the role that has changed things for me. I don’t feel like there’s a show like this, or a character like Villanelle, who breaks so many rules.



Is being from Liverpool a strong part of your identity?

I find with most people from Liverpool, it’s so deep-rooted. When I was starting out I got really paranoid about having to lose my accent. Now I’m so glad I never succumbed to that pressure. I love home, I love the people there. It’s a huge part of who I am. I can only be away from there for so long before I’m ready to go back.

Jodie Comer, picture courtesy of BBC America

Jodie Comer, picture courtesy of BBC America


Was there a moment when you realised, ‘I want to be an actor’?


I remember doing a drama festival in Liverpool, and that was the first time my dad had seen me act. The monologue I did was quite emotional. It was by a local playwright about a young girl on the year anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. I remember doing it and seeing his face, and him being so taken aback. The thrill of doing the festival and coming first – I got such a buzz. Then the BBC sent a request to all the local schools for a BBC Radio 4 drama. I was 12 or 13 at the time, and my drama teacher sent me and another girl from my year. That was my first-ever job. It was so much fun and the first realisation that I could do this all the time.


What makes Killing Eve unique for you?
What I love is the balance of humour and darkness within the series; there is so much humour, but then there are so many moments, which are quite shocking and brutal. That balance is so hard to get right. And I just think there’s something so relatable about Villanelle, something very curious about her, and likeable, which I don’t think I’ve seen before. 

Do you have anything in common with your character?
I’m scared to say yes because she’s so crazy! She likes to spend her money on clothes, and she always seems to be eating, I’m guilty on both counts. I see her as an actress in many ways because she has so many different personas, so my way into her was to think of it as an act. She thrives off being an actress. She speaks so many languages, and often has a set costume or hair depending on her mission, just a totally different life that she morphs into.


When it comes to your career, do you plan what you want your next move to be?

I don’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it. I’m always setting intentions. I did The White Princess and then in an interview (which I forgot about) said, ‘I want to do something contemporary, with an element of comedy and quite physical, next,’ and the next job was Killing Eve. You can never second guess what’s going to come next.