Meet Romal Capital's co-founder, Greg Malouf.

Over the past few months we’ve covered Romal Capital’s monumental progress and their overall view to creating a whole new neighbourhood along the waterfront. We thought it was about time we introduced you to the man behind all of it, co-founder Greg Malouf. A true Trailblazer, Greg is originally from Australia… so why Liverpool we asked?


Greg Malouf

Greg Malouf


You’re 14,000 miles from home don't you miss the beaches and the weather?


Yep I do, as soon as I return home I straight away hit Bondi Beach no matter what the weather. 


To be perfectly honest the weather can get too hot, as sinful as that may sound to the British, I can't stand Sydney from December to end of February. When I ring home and my son tells me it’s 5pm and 39 degrees I thank God I’m here. They both have their places, Liverpool is unique - really unique and I’ve always liked it! And I enjoy the weather - best of both worlds really. 



Why Liverpool and not somewhere else, not saying we want you to leave?


Romal’s vision for Liverpools new neighbourhood.

Romal’s vision for Liverpools new neighbourhood.

Like I said, I liked Liverpool from the first time I saw it back in 2001. I was watching the first ramps if memory serves me here, being constructed in Liverpool One, and mix that infrastructure spend up with this amazing array of HERITAGE buildings and I could see great legs in the city. Back then, I felt Liverpool was this incredible city; with a fantastic vibe, music culture, historic culture, football culture and so much more...even to the point where I would see generations congregate together at the local and have fun; mum, grandmar, daughter, grand-daughter smiling and loving life in the pub, singing away and laughing … it did make me smile… I sensed a great vibe and knew internationals would like it a lot. I set about to learn about the hardships this city went through, and it created tough, generous down to earth people with good humour and good voices  …  like we have back home (not the voices) and I felt a sense of belonging here and wanted to do more. EVEN BACK THEN I never thought I’d get my chance, be careful what you wish for!



Tell our readers a little about your past;


I had a very successful life in Oz. I’ve been in the property game for just on 40 years .. my first job was with Dougmal reality in 75’…I’d often be at the beach when I said I was working, I needed a tan before hitting the town on the weekend. I got my work done .. sort of .. and didn't much like real estate for the first few years, but it was obviously in my blood so I stuck with it. I joined Ballieu Knight Frank (now called Knight Frank) in the early 80’s as head of investments and was good at it, before joining Richardson and Wrench corporate mid to late 80’s - and where I gained much insight and contacts in the corporate world.



After my divorce (it did hit pretty hard I’ll admit, I needed a change, so thought where? … England was it .. and where in England … The story ends and starts here … Liverpool ! No regrets - well worth it … good people, great city and very accepting of Australians. Felt lucky to have landed in the right place. I think scouse people on the whole are very accepting of a lot of people, probably why it was voted number 1 as the countries friendliest City. Whilst I’m not Scouse it makes me feel proud when Liverpool wins the awards … and Liverpool seems to win a lot, which just creates more noise for the city.



What’s your plans for Liverpool?


Help build 'an inner city waterfront parkland' the city can be proud of. I’ve probably got 10 years more that I’d like to do this before starting a new adventure, so I’m going to give my best to this city. 3 things we look for before putting a spade in the ground; water, capital gain and rental return. And if we can deliver to clients just 2 of these 3, we know everyone’s onto a winner!

Work on Park Central has already begun.

Work on Park Central has already begun.


We have just finished Quay Central within 12 months and now onto phase 2 - Park Central, where construction is well underway.


Are you planning to stay in Liverpool?


Yes for the foreseeable future .. yes absolutely! I’m in the best city in England!

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