Property developer Romal Capital nears completion first development.


Quay Central boats 108 luxurious 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and is just the start of things to come in that area with Peel Holdings. Their bigger picture is to create a whole new neighborhood in Liverpool. Due to the economic growth the city has inevitably expanded, as seen with the likes of the Baltic area. Anyone who knows Liverpool will automatically reference the ineffable waterfront it beholds. Romal appreciates this significance by creating what it calls Liverpool’s very own ‘little Amsterdam.’ What is a ‘little Amsterdam’ you might ask? Romal’s co-founder Greg Malouf explains, ‘It’s our intention to create a waterfront parkland that reflects the beauty of areas further down like The Royal Albert Dock. We are creating more than just beautiful apartments, we are creating a whole new neighborhood in the city, right next to the River Mersey and it’s something we are immensely excited about delivering.’ 

Due to Liverpool’s rich heritage Romal have made it a priority to cross every t and dot every i when it comes to preservation. One such example is Quay Central being constructed using bricks that blend in with surrounding structures seamlessly. Over recent years the city has seen a few developments stall due to various reasons, so it’s encouraging to see an established outfit like Romal deliver exactly what they promised. Romal boasts over 50 years worth of combined property development experience thanks to their founders Greg Malouf and Sam Rowlands, with many successful developments already under their belts across Australia in areas like Sydney and Cote D’Azur. 

Surprisingly, Greg Malouf’s 32 years worth of experience in the industry isn’t the most impressive asset on his CV. Greg was Australia’s number 1 real estate agency for over 25 years, delivering a plethora of developments from shopping centers to residential resorts. It’s credentials like these that have made Romal the first developer to be grated access to Peel Holdings’ £5 Billion Liverpool Waters Development. With a project of this magnitude it is essential Peel work with experienced developers to ensure the Liverpool Waters Development reaches its full potential. Greg’s attitude to Brexit is a positive one for Liverpool in particular, given his experience it’s reassuring for people looking to buy in the city. He said ‘Britain has one of the strongest economies in the world, I’ve seen it all before and Britain is simply too powerful for it to fall.

We are showcasing Liverpool to the world and people love it, we’re creating prime waterfront property, which is always a good investment for everyone. With the construction of the Everton stadium this area will sore in value over the next few years.’ 

Phase 2 has already begun! 

Romal haven’t wasted any time standing around, in fact work has now begun on their second development right next to the waterfront, Park Central. The steel framework is already in motion of this 129 one and two bedroom apartment development. Greg Malouf said ‘This is normal for us, we just crack right on until the job’s done. With Quay Central we wanted to show the people of Liverpool that we’re a developer of our word. I think once people saw how quickly that went up it really instilled confidence in regards what we’re doing for the city. Personally I’m really proud to be a part of creating a whole new neighborhood that was previously abandoned.’ Romal say that Park Central will be completed in March 2020.

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