Why Liverpool Is A Great Destination For All Entrepreneurs


Liverpool – what can you say about this city that hasn’t already been said? Well, quite a lot actually. The city’s landscape has shifted so much in just the past 10 years alone, meaning there’s always something for us to brag about.

This time round though, it’s less of a brag and more of discussion. A discussion centred around why Liverpool is one of the best cities in the world for aspiring entrepreneurs – so I guess it is still kind of a brag…

Worldwide connections

Our airport, cruise terminal and train stations mean that visiting Liverpool has never been easier. This is bringing in so many new demographics to the city who may never have had the chance to visit previously.

What does this mean to you – the aspiring entrepreneur? Well, this means that you’re constantly going to be exposed to new traffic every single day. People of all shapes and sizes that you can pitch your products and ideas to Liverpool has a global presence and this will be a huge benefit to any entrepreneurs starting up in this wonderful city.


When Liverpool was crowned capital of culture in 2008, that’s when things really started to kick on. Now, with investments in the city at an all-time high, the time has come for start-ups to jump in head first.

There are apartment developments flying up seemingly every week, new independent stores opening up everywhere and businesses flourishing due to increased initiatives aimed at giving entrepreneurs the kickstart they need to reach their dreams.

The biggest draw…

One thing is going to draw people to Liverpool more than anything. No, not The Beatles. It’s our football clubs. The success of both Liverpool and Everton in recent years has been the catalyst for millions of visitors and hundreds of millions of pounds worth of investment via tourism and the clubs themselves.

With this amount of money being pumped into the city, the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur is almost being lined up on a plate!

Current trailblazers

There are too many success stories to name that are cropping up out of Liverpool of late. Lawrence Kenwright – owner of Signature Living, has transformed so many of the city’s derelict buildings into fantastic spaces that bring tourists from all over the globe to Liverpool – generating millions in income for all manner of businesses.

Then there’s Dr. Robbie Hughes, David Williams, Oliver Press and Laura Worthington to name a few more, these are guys that have been there and done it – and people you can take so much inspiration from on your journey.

Local business

Business is booming – haven’t you heard? With the Baltic Market opening up not too long ago, businesses have started to pop up at an even faster rate than before. If you are a start-up there are fantastic ‘artisan’ office spaces that are ideal for entrepreneurs looking to test the waters.

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur in Liverpool – opportunity is everywhere, you just need to know where to look.

Words By Sam Crawford

Lawrence Kenwright of Signature Living

Lawrence Kenwright of Signature Living

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