Category: April Stories

Nisha Katona

I’m the owner of Mowgli Street Food which I want to take national as long as our customers want us. Originally, I was a barrister for over 20 years but decided to follow my dreams and bring real Indian home cooking to the British public.

Kudos to Kenwright

Signature Living’s homeless shelter helped 150 rough sleepers. During December’s ice blast, Lawrence Kenwright, founder of hotel group Signature Living, opened a centre to give Liverpool’s rough sleepers food and shelter.

Meet Gemma Bodinetz

-Artistic Director at Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse. Why have you chosen to do Othello? The reason you come back to Shakespeare is because he’s endlessly relevant and it’s such a fantastic opportunity as a director.

Frederiks on Hope Street

What makes this the Georgian Quarters favourite Neighbourhood Bar & Kitchen? Fortunately in Liverpool, you won’t struggle to find great places to eat and drink, but what if you wanted both at the same time – as you do of course.